Hot Yoga Workouts

The techniques for hot yoga workouts are primarily for promoting good health among practitioners. The first noticeable thing about hot yoga is that it requires humid studios heated between 90 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit . An important component of yoga breathing exercises, which prepare your mind and body for the poses and stretches.

The first step is the pranayama breathing technique, which plays a role in relaxation and is essential for taking part in some of the more difficult exercises, especially for first-timers


In most forms of yoga and hot yoga, a method of pranayama breathing called ujjayi is utilized.With ujjayi breathing, the inhalation and exhalation are both done through the nose. On the exhale an ocean-like sound is created by restricting the glottis in the back of the throat as air passes out. The inhalations and exhalations are equal in duration and are controlled in a manner that should cause no discomfort or shortness of breath to the practitioner.

In Bikram yoga, two types of breathing are utilized in specific poses.The 80-20 breath is used for the standing and back-bending poses and done by inhaling and taking a deep breath such that you feel your rib cage rise. Begin the poseand exhale 20% of your breath and then inhale 20%. Continue with this 20% exhalation and inhalation as you hold the pose. Exhale completely once you finish the pose.

Exhalation breath inhale deeply, begin the pose, and then exhale completely as you achieve the pose is used while practicing forward bending poses. This breath prevents lower back strain, helps the pelvis to rotate properly, tightens the abdominals to tone the body, and exercises the digestive organs.

The Poses

With this type of yoga, some of the postures require a professional yoga teacher with hot yoga or Bikram experience to help guide beginners so that they avoid injuring themselves.Hot yoga workouts in Bikram style involve a total of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises over a 90-minute timeframe. Practitioners perform each pose twice before moving on to the next one in the series.

Each set of poses has benefits specific to it and the poses are broken down into groups, namely, standing poses and floor poses, that involve sitting or lying down on the yoga mat.Standing poses help to strengthen the lower limbs as well as the abdomen. The floor poses help to stretch the spine and neck, help to minimize lower back pains, and lead to improvement in other functions such as digestion and fertility.Poses done lying down are great for the back and abdomen as well as the chest.

The postures or poses in Bikram unlike other types, must follow the exact order every single class.Changing the sequence or not doing one of the poses will reduce the benefits that the workout provides because each pose works and targets different area of the body.

Hot yoga workouts always require a studio due to the fact that the room must be hot and humid. This type of environment has health benefits, so once you have gone through the 26 poses in the 90 minutes, take time to stretch and breathe in the moist, warm air. This will do wonders for your respiratory system and is one more reason to consider hot yoga as an exercise routine.

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